iBooks and Kindle: What could make them better?

ibooksI have been using iBooks for the last couple of weeks now and I love it. Amazon’s Kindle software makes for a great reading experience as well. Though they have their slight differences, neither of them really stands out from the other. But I have a suggestion that would be a welcome addition to either of them (at least from me).

If you are an avid reader or if you’ve spent any time in college, you are probably familiar with the fact that you have to consume a ton of info in a very short amount of time. Having the ability to speed read is a major advantage.

For those of you that have tried speed reading and you have attempted to do use these methods on the iPhone or iPad, you have probably discovered that it is nearly impossible to do.

There are tons of online tools that have been built to help you learn how to speed read. I can’t imagine that it would be tough to build this type of tool into either iBooks or Kindle – a simple highlighting or underlining tool that could be adjusted based on your desired reading rate.

I’d also guess that given Apple and Amazon’s demographics, adding in a speed reading tool into these programs would also be a welcome addition.

What do you think? What types of improvements would you like to see made to iBooks or Kindle?


2 thoughts on “iBooks and Kindle: What could make them better?

  1. My sister in laws major complaint with reading w/ the ibook, is that it is hard to do outside. You want to sit in a lawn chair or the beach and you can’t see the screen!

    FYI–this is not meant to be a scathing comment….nor was my comment about fancy walking shoes.

  2. A speed reader option would be a welcome addition. Also, the ability to scroll up (like a web page) rather than ‘turning’ the pages would be helpful as a speed reading technique.

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