SBM 101: Passion 3

Small Business Marketing 101Are you in it for the long haul or are you only interested in building a business for short-term gains and profit via the magical “buy out”? This is a great question and I had a similar question posed to me by one of my colleagues in regards to Tony Hsieh. It was a fair question. He had heard a little about Tony and he wondered if he would want to work for him.

tony hsiehWe chatted for a bit and a I explained some of what I had learned about from reading “Delivering Happiness.” He had thought that Tony was all about building businesses and then selling them to the highest bidder. But what I read in Tony’s book helped me to explain that Tony was more about building a business that he would want to stay with for a long time. He is more interested in helping his team reach beyond their limits and live fulfilling lives, both in and out of work.

Tony lives with purpose and he is incredibly passionate about it. He works damn hard and plays even harder. And just about any small business owner or entrepreneur can learn from his example. If you can, pick up a copy of “Delivering Happiness” (amazon affiliate link).

The question that my friend asked is a great one. There are many business owners that are simply out there plugging way, hoping to build something remarkable enough that someone else will take interest in it and buy it for a substantial profit. I’ve seen others that simply have a business as a means to make some money and retire well. But there is a problem with both of these mind sets.

Not in it for the long haul? Can you imagine working for someone like that? What would you feel? Would you be passionate about helping them make a lot of money? What would your motives be?

What about in the case of the business owner that sees the business as just a means of living a comfortable life? Would you be committed to helping her? Would you want more out of it?

My opinions matter little here. These are questions you have to ask yourself. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes? What would you want from your boss/owner?


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