SBM 101: Passion 2

Small Business Marketing 101Reality television is a great place to learn about passion and how it can help your business thrive. FOX hosts two different shows were passion is often front and center.

Kitchen NightmaresThe first is Kitchen Nightmares. Chef Gordan Ramsay goes to small restaurants and gives them a quick lesson on how to fix up their business and help it thrive. Quite often, the business owners he is working with lack passion. Some of them have simply been drained from years in the trenches. Others never had it and made the mistake of getting into a business they didn’t care that much about.

I still remember the first episode of the show that I watched. The young lady that owned the restaurant had just graduated from college and she wanted to own her own business. An opportunity had come up to purchase a small cafe so she borrowed some money from her family and bought it. She began with the right intention; however, she quickly ran into a problem. She had no experience in the restaurant field and she really didn’t want much to do with the business. The team running the place sensed her lack of passion and commitment and the entire place was headed down the toilet.

Ramsay spent a good deal of time coaching the team and bringing the place back into order. As is typical with the show, he remodeled the place and spruced up the menu a bit. But his biggest chore was getting the cafe’s owner in line. It took a lot of work, but she finally bought into it all and she committed to learning every aspect of the business, even though it meant spending countless hours learning to cook with her kitchen staff.

So you think you can danceThe second show is called So You Think You Can Dance. I am a big fan of the arts and as such, this show has a bit of appeal for me. I’m pretty busy but I definitely enjoy watching that latter segments of each season of this show because you get to watch some very talented people push themselves and their bodies far beyond what even they thought was possible.

The show is based around a simple premise. They hosts invite in people of almost any type of dance style to try out for the competition. However, as the show goes on, every one of the dancers is pushed to learn more and more styles of dance. Those who succeed are the ones that are willing to dig deep into their souls, work harder than the others and continually learn from their successes and failures.

It is an amazing experience to watch someone that has literally spent their entire life training to be great at something perform. It is even more exciting to watch him or her struggle their way to new heights.

Whether you are a reality television fan or not, both of these shows offer a look at what it takes to succeed in this world. Seldom is it a natural talent or gift. More often than not it comes down to a willingness to sacrifice and to work hard than those around you to achieve whatever it is you want in life.

What are you passionate about? Are you finding ways to live out your dreams? What inspires you? Are there shows, movies, books or music that you use to motivate you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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