What’s to Come

red tulip among many yellow tulipsStarting Monday, I will be starting a series of posts that online the basics of small business marketing. The framework for this will be fairly simple. I intend to explain how small businesses can simplify their marketing strategy and streamline their marketing for both efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The content will be there to help small businesses:

  • Focus on strategy
  • Develop solid business goals
  • Identify who their target market is
  • Get their team involved early on to build momentum and support
  • Differentiate in meaningful ways
  • Provide consistency across all of their marketing platforms, whether in print, in store or online
  • Market themselves on a limited budget
  • Share references to great resources, both print and online
  • Create a digital media strategy
  • Find meaningful ways to measure success

The ideas behind this come from work I have been involved in both with my daytime job and some side projects, as well as the research I have conducted on the side.

Once completed, I will make the whole thing available as a free ebook.

Along the way to creating all of this, I will continue to share my personal experiences and book reviews as I have done in the past. To help you better distinguish the content, everything related to this project with begin with SBM 101 (small business marketing). I look forward to your comments and input as I move forward with this project.


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