Think Low Cost, No Cost

Loyalty CardsThere are so many things you can do to improve your marketing. Many times they require large expenditures on your part. However, if there is anything that we have learned in this economy it is that the small things can make all the difference. Over the next week, I’d like to throw out a challenge to you:

Instead of worry about making big investments in your marketing, take some time to talk to your customers and find 2-3 low cost, no cost solutions that you could offer in your store that would positively impact your team or customers.

What might this look like? Let me give you one potential idea. I hate loyalty cards, yet I have a wallet full of them. I have one for the coffee shop I love. I have another for the Mexican restaurant that I get my pork salads from. What if you talked to your customers and found an item they love or depend on you for and then created a loyalty program just for them?

Take a close look at your customers. Study them and find out what they really care about. Offer them a great product or service that they would want and can only get from you. Look closely at your own employees and see if you can do something for them or their families that might improve their loyalty.

If you are doing some of these types of things, what have you found that works well? How are you driving customer and team member loyalty in low cost, no cost ways? How has this improved your word of mouth?

Learn more about loyalty programs:


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