Learning From Zappos: Your Customer Service Core, Part 1

While reading “Delivering Happiness” I discovered that Zappos has a great understanding of how important it is to be great at the fundamentals of marketing. Consider their phone service.

You can call up their customer service team anytime you want. They love chatting with you. They are empowered to take care of you. They don’t use scripts. And most importantly, they aren’t measuring success as the number of calls taken – they measure customer engagement.

Zappos understands that, though not every call leads to an immediate sale, every call is an opportunity to build loyalty and long-term sales. So for them, the telephone is a key tool. It’s not a revolutionary marketing tool. Nor is it the type of marketing that will help the company win any fancy marketing awards. It is boring, but it works.

Questions to consider:

  1. Who is answering your phones?
  2. How are they answering them?
  3. Have you trained your customer service team to really help customers?
  4. Have you empowered them to go beyond the basics?

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