Think Pink: 5 Things a Local Grocery Store Did to Make a Difference

I recently attended an event that Dan’s (3300 South and 2300 East) threw celebrating Mother’s Day and Breast Cancer Awareness. It was exciting to see how this team worked together to raise awareness about such a worthy cause. While at the event, I saw a number of things that stood out:

  1. They cared – The entire store team was involved and helped out in some way. They were involved and their actions showed they genuinely cared.
  2. They were creative – Customers tend to think of grocery stores as being all the same and then end up being large convenience stores because of this. This team wasn’t allowing themselves to be pigeon holed. They were looking for ways to stand out and were making a difference in the process.
  3. They were low cost, no cost oriented – Pulling off an event like this does not have to cost a lot of money. Just ask any non profit organization how they do it. The Dan’s team found ways to raise money that didn’t cost them a whole lot of money. For example, they made their own pink ribbons out of pink construction paper and sold them to their customers for $1. All of the proceeds went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  4. They got others involved – Pulling off an event of any scale often requires you to get others involved. The team got the local elementary school children to paint a car pink. They invited a local classic car show group. A number of neighboring businesses set up booths. Even the Utah Jazz dancers were there to participate. Not only did this increase the impact the event had, it also helped the store get the word out to many other people.
  5. They made it fun – There was something for everyone at this event. If you liked food, they had it. They had a bounce house for the kids. There were classic cars, monster trucks and motorcycles. All around, the Dan’s 33rd team found a way to make the event fun for everyone who stopped by.

How can you get involved? Support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

What are some of the ways you and your business are getting involved in your community to make a difference? What types of events have you held? How are you getting your customers and community involved?


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