Setting Goals and Priorities

Over the last several weeks, I have been taking a close look at my life, the things I would like to achieve and how I might achieve some balance in the process. Here’s a glimpse into what the process has looked like so far.

  1. The List – I began by brainstorming everything that I wanted to accomplish and created a large list. I threw everything I possible could onto a whiteboard. Every aspect of my life was on the board and it included both short and long-term goals.
  2. The Categories – My next step was to organize them into groups. The white board got messy at this point, but I was able to narrow down the categories into four “buckets” – personal, family, career (outside of my current job), and career (within the scope of my current job)
  3. The Projects – I have been reading Scott Belsky’s “Making Ideas Happen” (amazon affiliate link). In the book, he talks about making everything in your life a project. I loved this concept, so my next step was to turn everything into actionable projects that I prioritized based on which ones would help me achieve my most immediate goals in the short term, while providing balance over the long term.

The only additional things I have done were to set up a small Bento (amazon affiliate link) database to help me manage everything and I created a small file folder organizer where I could collect pertinent information along the way. Both of these tools serve as a reminder I can return to throughout the work week and on weekends.

How are organizing your life? What tools are you using to help you manage your time and achieve your goals? Have you ran into any good books that have focused on this topic?


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