Build a Club

soap from fight clubEveryone loves being part of something special or exclusive, so why not build a club for your customers? Start by looking closely at the things your customers love. There’s a grocery store near where I live that was receiving requests for case goods and emergency preparedness supplies on a regular basis. Several members of the store team saw this as an opportunity to build a club.

They began by figuring out what products their customers were looking for and then they made sure they could get the things they needed from their suppliers. They took some time figuring out how they could put together and manage an email list. Finally, they created a small, inexpensive sign and announced the club to their customers.

Their club has taken them a while to build; however, they’ve been at it for a couple years now and they generate a nice side revenue from having it in place.

Almost any business can build a club. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are my customers interested in?
  • What could I offer them that would help them improve their lives?
  • Are there solutions that my business could teach them about?
  • What kinds of time restrictions do my customers have?
  • Do I need space in my store for our club or will it be a virtual club?
  • Will I need a database (email) or could I use facebook (fan page) as communication hub?
  • Will I only offer information or will I also sell them something?

One other thing to consider with clubs is how exclusive you will keep it. Initially, you might have the urge to open the club up to everyone. Don’t. Build some exclusivity into it so that members feel like they are in on something that no one else knows about. Start by only offering membership to the club to your promoters and regulars. Consider it a reward for their loyalty. Build slowly from there.


2 thoughts on “Build a Club

  1. Nice blog Jason! It is a good example of how a small business can begin the ‘secret gathering’ process in very simple ways.
    Leep up the good work.

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