Scott Belsky’s “Making Idea Happen”: Follow Up Comment

Today is your last opportunity to win a free copy of Tony Hsieh’s new book, “Delivering Happiness” and I want to open up the opportunity to anyone who reads this blog. Simply fill in your mailing information on this form. I will holding a drawing to select the winner later today.

Scott Belsky’s new book, “Making Ideas Happen” (amazon affiliate link) provides a blueprint for how to take your ideas and actually make them a reality. He spends about a third of the book talking about project management and his “action method.” Simply put, Scott’s method looks like this:

  1. Turn everything into a project.
  2. Set up a “folder” for every project you have (use what methods work best for you – high or low-tech options work)
  3. Break every project into three areas (1. action items, references, back burner items)
  4. Act on the action steps

This method is simple (and there is a bit more to it than just these four steps); however, that is what makes it so beautiful and useful. Grab the book, learn more about Scott’s method and do something great!

What tools do you use to make your ideas happen? Do you have any recommendations for the best project management software? What is your favorite “innovation” book?


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