Weekly Gems

great artworkDon’t miss out on your opportunity to win a copy of Tony Hsieh’s new book, “Delivering Happiness.”

It is Saturday once again and this week’s weekly gems is an assortment of stuff I ran into this past week that has little to do with marketing. It’s just fun stuff.

My birthday surprise: My amazing and wonderful wife bought me one of these for my birthday. It was definitely unexpected and a great reminder about why I am the luckiest guy alive.

A future trip: We are heading out on a small vacation in the near future. I’ll be packing my camera along and taking a ton of photos. I’ll keep you posted.

holopaw oh glory oh wildernessGreat music: I recently downloaded Holopaw’s new album, “Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.” It is fantastic. I’ve only listened to one of their albums. This is by far my favorite one.

iPad apps are pushing the envelope: This is a great look at how several companies are finding ways to develop iPad apps that are changing how we look at the future of computing, innovation and creativity.

Something I’d love to see: It’s just an image, but the thought of something like this is incredible.

Here’s a recap of this this week’s Marketing Matters posts:

  • Monday: Delivering Happiness – Find out what showed up at my door and how you could get the same exciting surprise delivered to your door.
  • Monday (Bonus): Social Media Growth – Learn why you should care about the Internet and social media.
  • Tuesday: Happy Birthday to… – It was my birthday on Tuesday. Send some love.
  • Wednesday: Win an Advanced Copy of Delivering Happiness – This contest runs until Monday, May 17 2010. If you have not entered yet, you are about out of time.
  • Thursday: Find Simple Ways to Make Them Feel Special – It is the little details that matter most and if you want to make your customers feel great about doing business with you, you need to go the extra mile.
  • Friday: Making Ideas Happen (book review) – find out about Scott Belsky’s new book, “Making Ideas Happen.” If you are into innovation or the creative side of business, this is a must read book.

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