Find Simple Ways to Make Them Feel Special

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win a copy of Tony Hsieh’s new book, “Delivering Happiness.”

A couple of weeks prior to my birthday, I received a birthday card in the mail from Express. (Shortly after, I received one from Toy’s R Us – another story for another day – thanks Lisa!) It was a nice gesture and it is one that you should think about for your own business.

Don’t copy what Express is doing. I haven’t shopped there in over a year. Obviously no one is keeping their database updated; but regardless, I applaud the effort.

This is a great way to make your customers feel good and it is fairly easy to do. Here are a few pointers:

  • Figure out what key life events you want to target (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal interests, etc.)
  • Build a database. There are a variety of tools out there. Microsoft Access works well. If you are on a Mac, Bento or File Maker are both excellent tools.
  • Set a schedule for checking your database and stick to it.
  • Find someone to keep it updated.
  • Determine how you will get this info from your customers. Sign up cards work well. You can also ask for basic info when customers register on your website.
  • Start up your program and keep it consistent. Make sure you plan ahead and figure out how you will use these opportunities to make your customers feel great about you and your business.

Stuff like this is incredibly easy to do and it is relatively inexpensive. As you start building you database out, you can easily determine how many birthday cards you will need. If cards are too expensive, post cards work well. Either of these can be customized to your store. Add a great coupon (buy one get one free OR a free something on us) to it as a way to make your customer feel even better about the experience while also giving you a way to measure the success of the program (via redemption rates). Similar programs can be set up for your customers’ pets or children.

If you are running these types of programs with your customers, I’d love to hear what kind of successes, failures and challenges you have had.


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