Win an Advanced Copy of Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness”

Delivering Happiness book coverHere’s the scope. Tony Hsieh and the Zappo’s team recently held a contest where bloggers could sign up to receive an advanced copy of “Delivering Happiness.” Last Friday, I got home from work and discovered a package on my front door step. Inside was not one but two copies of Tony’s book – one for me to read and review, another for me to give away. Wow! Once again, the Zappo’s team wowed me.

You can learn more about the book by visiting the official site or purchase it (amazon affiliate link). If you are a blogger and are interested in getting an advanced copy, check out the offer.

I love Zappos and what Tony and the team have done with their company. I love doing business with them and I love the affect they are having on other companies around the world. What they are doing is important and, though I haven’t read much of the book yet, I think it is important to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Write a brief response to this question: If you had the opportunity, what are the top three things you would do to transform your company culture and how would you improve each of them? (I’m looking for quality, not quantity)
  2. Option A (preferred): Create a blog post on your site with a brief answer to the question above, or
  3. Options B: Add your response to the comments area of this post.
  4. Once you have written your response, please click on this link and fill out the form so I can select the winner and send her my extra copy of the book.

The contest will be open from Wednesday (May 12, 2010) to 12 p.m. on Monday (May 17, 2010). Feel free to let your friends, family and coworkers know about this contest. The winner will be selected randomly at 12:30 on May 17 and I will post the winning result shortly there after. The book will be shipped that same day.

If you are the winner of the contest, I’d love to hear your thoughts about Tony’s book. Please help spread the word about it by 1) writing your own blog post book review (send me a link) and/or 2) pass the book along to someone else to do the same.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Thanks to Tony and the Zappos team for making this contest a possibility!


4 thoughts on “Win an Advanced Copy of Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness”

  1. 1)Allow employees time off every month to pursue their passions

    2)Allow employees to make mistakes trying our new things rather than stick to the rule book.

    3)Remove any rules that are not customer friendly.

  2. I’ll admit, the company I work for has pretty great company culture. That said, there are always things that can be improved. A lot of it has to deal with how closely the goals of the company are aligned with what’s actually being rewarded and incentivized.

    Picking out three:

    More professional development: Currently, there’s no drive to get individuals within the organization recognized, connected, networked, etc. within the industry. I think the company would benefit greatly from having lots of “well-known” employees Most of the professional development that I’ve enjoyed comes from looking for it myself. I’d like to require all of our managers to submit proposals to speak at industry conferences. I’d offer time incentives to attending after-hours networking events (earning extra minutes of paid leave, or work hour time, for example). I think networked and industry-recognized employees really benefit their own companies more than the company may care to admit. The company should demonstrate to its employees that it cares about turning them into industry-recognized experts (a term too-often confused with the negatively connotated “company rockstars.”)

    More testing: Our work is structured to focus heavily on performing actual client work as opposed to doing the type of testing that would fine-tune our client work. While client work is what we’re being paid to perform, a lack of developmental research incentives means that our employees may be less curious and prone to make great discoveries that could benefit everyone. Monthly research projects are somewhat encouraged now, but not incentivized. Our managers should get time with the directors to plan the research and get help actually implementing the projects. There would be a lot of hand-holding up-front, but over time, there would be a lot of research setup expertise residing with the managers, who could then assist eachother.

    More business training: I want to learn how to do the job better, but I also want to learn how to do “a job” better, generally-speaking. Our company culture could include more business skill development: leadership, presenting, client management, organization, prioritization, etc. These types of skills often get “here and there” training focus, while actual job skills get very good, organized training allotments. I think the value we’d find in allotting time to teaching more intangible skill sets (including time for practice and follow-up training) would pay off in spades down the road and teach a lot of independence and competence that would benefit the organization by helping us earn greater trust and respect from our clients.

    Ultimately, my idea of good company culture is not one where people are always having fun, but rather one where people are feeling like they’re making a difference, making a name for themselves, and acquiring fantastic skills that will benefit them for jobs to come.

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