Happy Birthday to…

Today is my birthday! I am officially 37 years old. I guess the countdown to 40 now begins.

The funny part of it all is that I don’t feel all that old. Sure, there are days when my back is a little stiffer than usual and my joints seem to crack more often. However, mentally, I feel sharper than ever.

I am also happier than I have ever been before. In the last couple years I have found the woman of my dreams, married her, graduated from graduate school, landed a good job that turned into a remarkable one, bought a home, found an amazing puppy and have been involved in a number of fun projects. It has been a blast to say the least.

Now comes the fun part – deciding what to do with the coming 5-10 years. I’ve spent the last several weeks examining my goals, considering my options and trying to determine what my next steps will be. To do so, I ended up dividing things up into four main categories: family time, personal time, career (afs), side projects (career outside of afs).

Looking at my life in this manner has been interesting. I have set goals before; however, I have never been this thorough before. It looks like I will be busier than ever- it will be a fun kind of busy.

At the end of the day, I have discovered something rather important. Despite the many goals, aspirations and projects, there is one thing that matters more than anything – the relationship I have with Cassie. We have an incredible life together and I look forward to building a future that is filled with amazing times and memories.

Cassie – I love you.


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