Delivering Happiness!

Tony Hsieh's Delivering HappinessI have blogged about Zappos several times now. They are an amazing company. I have made several purchases from them in the past and every experience has wowed me. I love them so much that I have made a personal commitment to buying all of my shoes from them from now on.

More importantly, they are a great company to learn from. Tony and his team are hard at work creating a company culture that should be the envy of all other corporations.

Not long ago, I heard that Tony Hsieh was writing a book called “Delivering Happiness” (amazon affiliate link). After looking around the Zappos site, I soon discovered an amazing offer – if you are a blogger, you can apply to receive an advanced copy of the book. You can learn more about the book by checking out the official site.

Also, check back on Wednesday to learn about a giveaway I will be holding (you could win your own advanced copy of “Delivering Happiness”).


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