Weekly Gems

May 11 is my birthday and I typically use the month as a time to reflect on life, set goals, and start making adjustment to my action plans. With that in mind, you might see my “weekly gems” stray a bit. It’s all part of the plan!

Social Media Shake Up Infographic: This is a cool look at some of the more interesting social media tools, including their strengths, weaknesses and whether or not they will remain free.

Donald Miller Is: A few months ago, Chris Brogan posted about Donald Miller’s book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Days.” I’ve since received a copy of the book and have started reading it. It is a must read. So is his blog.

The Evolution and Mass Extinction of Species: This image is both breathtaking and startling.

Me 2.0: Dan Schawbel wrote a great book called “Me 2.0” (amazon affiliate link) a while back. If you are into self improvement and want to build a powerful personal brand, you have to check this book out.

Discover: Kid solves plastic grocery bag problem.


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