Got a Great Product? Put It to the Test

Old Spice Body WashGreat businesses that sell great products are not afraid to put their products to the test. McDonalds has been doing this for the last several months in order to get their customers trying their new coffees and hot chocolates. Starbucks is a pro at sampling. And then there’s Costco – where you can eat dinner for free if you time it right.

So I’ve been wondering why Axe and Old Spice have been battling with one another in the men’s body wash category. Both companies have come up with some clever commercials. However, I can’t figure out why neither company hasn’t made a concerted effort into their consumers’ hands.

I want to try stuff like this and guess what, if I try and like it, I’ll probably buy it!

I decided to put the two products to the test for myself. Cassie gave me a bottle of the Axe body wash around Christmas time. After that ran out, I picked up a bottle of the Old Spice body wash. Here are the results:

  • Axe body washFragrance: Axe is far better. I had to smell every bottle of Old Spice to find one that I finally liked. After smelling all of the Axe scents, I’d say that I would buy any of them and be satisfied.
  • Lather: Again, Axe reigned supreme.
  • Longevity: This is the one that surprised me the most. The bottle of Axe body wash that I bought was about half the size of the Old Spice bottle. Yet the Axe product lasted about twice as long.

Hands down, Axe won the body wash battle in my home. I love it and so does Cassie.

If you are a business that is trying to get attention, try getting your products directly into the hands of your consumers. Hold samplings. Set up taste tests. Put your product to the test.


One thought on “Got a Great Product? Put It to the Test

  1. Here’s the most important question about these products; Do women in bikini’s on the beach run to you when you use it? See, even if I don’t use their product, the advertising remains. Or maybe it’s just the fantasy that sticks with me…I’m on a horse!

    I do agree that by getting the product into my hands I would be more likely to cross the threshold from “hey, fun ads” to “hey, I like this stuff.” A simple trial pouch in the Sunday paper would be fairly simple, or have the bikini beach girls pass out samples of the stuff at events like NBA, NCAA or other sporting events. Easy way to target demographics and regions to boost sales.

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