Windows 7: It Was My Idea

microsoftI grew up using Windows PCs. I even built a few of my own computers along the way. It was a blast and I learned more about computers from that process than I ever could have imagined. Along the way, I started college and ran into a series of computer melt downs that resulted in me losing valuable data. So I made the switch to a Mac.

I’ve been using Apple computers and software ever since. I begrudgingly use Office for the Mac only because that is what we use at work. I am one of those Apple fans that PC fans tend to hate. But I will admit that as a marketer, I really like the new Windows 7 commercials. Microsoft has found a way to make their marketing much more personal:

apple logoWhat I get a kick out of is how Microsoft is claiming to have built their new OS based on what their consumers have said. If anyone is responsible for the ideas behind Windows 7 it has been Apple and their designers. Apple does a much better job designing great products for their consumers and actually listening to what they have to say. The sad part of it all is that it took Microsoft so many years to finally compete with Apple’s OSX.


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