On May: Time for Reflecting

Welcome to May.

I love May. It is the transition between Spring and Summer. New life is all around us. Many of the hiking trails have dried and are ready to be traveled upon. An infrequent rainstorm clears the air and cools everything off. May is also the month I was born in.

Yes, May 11 is the big day. I love birthdays, but what I love more is using the month as a time to reflect. I know that many people use New Years as a time to set resolutions. I don’t. I use May for this. It is when I was born and it seems fitting to use the time a way to reflect on the old and look at what I want to accomplish next.

A while back I had the good fortune to work with a wonderful life coach, Larry Chatterton. Larry asked a number of great questions. Though our time together was short, he helped me to think carefully about the things that matter most and what I need to do in order to get them.

Though I will be posting as usual on my blog, you might see a few of my posts break away from my normal marketing content. As I take stock of what is important, I will probably be sharing some of what I learn. I love your feedback throughout the process.


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