Treat Your Promoters Like Gold

I’ve written about the Puppy Lounge before (post 1, post 2); however, Cassie and I just had another remarkable experience with this remarkable company that I have to share. I would definitely say that we are promoters. We love the place (that includes Charlie, our Shih Tzu, who is a fanatic) and we have talked about the Puppy Lounge with everyone we know (including with the many wonderful people who read this blog).

our gift from the puppy loungeEarlier today, we took Charlie to the Puppy Lounge for the day. When Cassie went to pick him up, the young lady at the front desk handed her a small gift bag. Cassie asked, “What is this for?”

She replied, “Just because.”

Later on she opened up the gift bag to discover a framed photo of Charlie, a small bag of treats and a hand written thank you note. The note thanked us for our business and for the blog post that I had written talking about what a great business they are and how wonderful their customer service is.

Often times, it is easy to get focused on those customers that hate you. You know the ones – they seek you out and tell you everything you are doing wrong. Then you bend over backwards to make them feel better. But what about your fans, the people who absolutely love you and talk about your business with everyone they know?

They are known as your promoters or fans and you should do everything possible to treat them like gold. You’ll never make everyone happy, but when you have fans, you should go out of your way to make them feel special.

That is exactly what the Puppy Lounge is doing. They genuinely thanked us for talking about them. They wanted us to know that they care about Charlie and that they appreciate our business. The lesson is simple. The Puppy Lounge team understands just how powerful it can be when you treat someone that loves you well. She will share her love with everyone she knows which drives business back to them.

It’s called word of mouth and it is one of the most powerful forces in marketing. Here’s are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you focus on your promoters or do you allow your detractors to dominate you time?
  • How do you identify your promoters?
  • If you know who they are, what are you doing to treat them special?
  • Do you have any low cost/no cost ways to make them feel like gold?

2 thoughts on “Treat Your Promoters Like Gold

  1. On target commentary about promoters. I recently fired a client that was draining resources and deflating morale. I am refocusing on face-face interaction with the best clients (lunch, small gifts-books, etc) to let them know they are valued and strengthen the human connection.

    1. Jack,

      Thank you for the reply and comments. I applaud your decision to fire the client. Not too many people would have the guts to do this. Your efforts with your promoters sound great.


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