Something for Everyone (continued)

breakfastEveryone loves eating a good breakfast. I love scrambled eggs, sausage and a nice piece of french toast. Throw in a great cup of coffee and I couldn’t be happier. My ultimate favorite is the croissant sandwich with egg and sausage from Kneaders, a cool little bakery-style cafe. Problem is, not everyone loves the same things I do. Some people prefer eggs; others like pancakes; and there are those that love the breakfast buffet.

It works the same way in business – customers like different things. They have different preferences, lifestyles, and wants. The sooner we understand this the better. Not everyone will love your business. The key is to figure out who you want as your customer and create a business or product that they will love. Others will come as your fans talk about you. Some customers will go elsewhere. That’s ok.

It’s breakfast time.


One thought on “Something for Everyone (continued)

  1. I agree not everyone likes the same thing-like coffee ;-), but who DOESN’T like Kneaders? That place is the best. Any time I am remotely in the area, I stop there.

    I tried a new place yesterday. au naturale. Despite the name, it is a “modern eatery”. Everything on the menu is organic and healthy. They have sweet potato fries with this interesting/all natural catsup. A little pricey, but I think they have a niche in clientele.

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