Something for Everyone

customer serviceNo matter how hard your try, no matter how many resources you have, you can never truly attract everyone to your business. Doing so is a trap.

It is tempting for business owners to think they have a product or service that has “mass appeal.” There are software companies that work hard to make products for the masses. There are sporting goods stores that try to carry products that almost anyone can use. But try their software or walk into their retail locations. You’ll notice something.

They feel generic. Theirs nothing special there for you. Their products or services feel like anyone could use them and that is the big problem.

  • To Microsoft’s credit, they offer three different versions of their new Windows 7 software – three different versions for three different types of users.
  • Walk in an Apple Store. They sell high-end computers. They are expensive, reliable and super easy to use. They sell products that aren’t for everyone.
  • Starbucks doesn’t care that much that most people don’t really like coffee. They’ve created a great place and amazing products for those of us who do.
  • Pinkberry sells premium frozen yogurt. It is delicious and costs way more than their competitors. It isn’t for everyone.
  • Whole Foods sells premium natural and organic groceries. They care about the environment. And they work really hard to attract a particular type of customer.

Seth Godin recently posted a great article about the importance of “not treating your customers as if they are all the same.” In the article he talks about how we can start grouping customers and marketing to them based on their common interests. You should definitely check it out.

The point is this. Generic doesn’t cut it. No one cares about generic. No one talks about generic. No one does long-term business with generic.


2 thoughts on “Something for Everyone

  1. Jason – Very strong point here. We often analyze “who” is the OnSIP customer? The obvious answer lands on business/office size. OnSIP is best for small businesses of 5-100 users. But, our customers also tend to be somewhat tech savvy people and early adopters. My prediction is this customer profile will become a bit more general as VoIP becomes more mainstream, but we’ll need to keep assessing.

  2. Seth’s blog artice on the fact that there is no such thing as a “average” customer is dead on. In fact I have discussed this notion at lenght in my book BE DiFFERENT or be dead as being an essential ingredient to creating “Dazzling Customer Experiences” as well as “Customerizing” your Marketing efforts. In the first instance, its about Varying the Treatment of One customer to another because each one is unique and DiFFERENT; in the second instance its about creating RELEVANT and compelling Offers for small customer groups which can’t be done if you treat evertone the same.

    Cheers, Roy

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