Weekly Gems

the art of greg martin

After a week of intense focus on Roy Osing’s book, “BE DiFFERENT or be dead” (amazon affiliate link) I wanted to take a break and focus on some lighter issues. I hope you find these gems that I ran into this week of interest.

The Official BE DiFFERENT website

After reading Roy Osing’s book, BE DiFFERENT or be dead, I checked out his supporting website. The site and blog are great companions to the book. Even if you have no intentions of reading the book, you should at least check out these great resources.

How to Break Away from “Me Too” Loyalty Marketing

Do you run or are you interested in running a customer loyalty program of some sort? If so, you should definitely check out Alan Maites article.

Inside the Container Store

This news story came to me by way of some friends at Day’s Market (thanks guys!). This is a great look at how one American company has become massively successful.


Teach yourself how to speed read. It is one of the most valuable things you can ever do for yourself (and you can do it for free).

Success is Made of Little Victories

An excellent post by Chris Brogan about how winning and success involves taking small steps along the way.

15 Free Tools for Web Designers on a Budget

If you have spent any time building websites, you know that some of your most valuable tools are the free ones that you can quickly access from the web. Whether you are a designer or programmer, this list of tools is a great resource.


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