Peterson’s Marketplace: Party in the Parking Lot

fire truckI had the good fortune to attend (photograph and video) a fun event over the last two days at Peterson’s Marketplace in Riverton, Utah. The store team was holding a fun event to kick of Spring called Peterson’s Party in the parking lot. The entire team was involved in putting on a whole bunch of fun activities for the children and parents in the area.

It was an amazing event and it seemed like their customers had a ton of fun. On Friday, the team invited the local fire and police departments. The police showed up with their K9 unit, the Dare vehicle, and a bike safety trailer. The fire department showed up with their fire and rescue trucks and gave the children in attendance the opportunity to see the vehicles up close and even get inside of them.

This morning, the store team held a burger cook off between the fire department, police department and a bunch of the local city officials. Inside the store there were a variety of activities for both adults and children, including free fingerprinting for the children, blood pressure checks, a variety of sampling opportunities, and several rounds of eating contests.

Across the street sat another grocery store whose parking lot had a noticeable problem – few cars which equals few shoppers. The Peterson’s parking lot was packed all day long.

The whole thing was a lesson in what great retailers can do to engage their shoppers on a more meaningful way. Below are a few additional photos from the two-day Peterson’s event. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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