Weekly Gems

Each Saturday, I like to share a few of the more interesting articles, blog posts, photos and videos I run into while researching. They tend to be eclectic, though I will be focusing them more on marketing than I have been the last few weeks. I would love to hear your suggestions. Please send any ideas to jwsokol@gmail.com.

The History of the Honey Trap

Interested in spies and the games that go on in behind the scenes? Here’s a great article that is both funny and offers a revealing look at the world of black ops and espionage.

A Super Sonic Jump from 23 Miles in the Air

I heard about this guy the other day on NPR. He is attempting to set the world’s record skydive. He will literally break the speed of sound during the fall from space.

Bush, Obama, and the Intellectuals

Here’s a long article from “National Affairs” about the rise of intellectuals and their love affair of Obama. This is great article and well worth the read. If you are a political junkie, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Paul Gillian’s Blogging Essentials

Paul shares a rather lengthy presentation about the ins and outs of blogging. This is a great how-to look at building a better blog for your business.

Six Tips to Writing Publicity Friendly Content

Are you running a blog for your business? If not, you should be and this article will share with you six ways to improve your blog posts that will entice the media to write about you.


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