I want an iPad

Apple's iPadTwo nights ago, Cassie and I went out to dinner with the in-laws. It just so happened that Best Buy was located in the same shopping area. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the Apple iPad for a test drive.

All I can say is “wow.” The iPad is an amazing device. I’ve been following all the pre- and post-launch hype. It all seems worth it now that I’ve had an opportunity to play with on.

Here’s the challenge. How do I talk Cassie into letting me purchase one? I am open to about any suggestion at this point.

I have already tried a few things:

  • First, I started with the “you would love it” approach. Cassie isn’t all that technically savvy and the iPad would be the perfect device for her. It’s easy to use and, because it is more about consuming info (accessing the net, reading email, listening to music, reading books, etc.), it would provide her with a user-friendly way to accomplish the things she needs to access. She didn’t buy this idea at all.
  • Second, I tried the “I could get rid of the reading light I use” approach. I read at night before I go to bed and I have a nice little book light (no, it wasn’t included in a Snuggie delivery) that is extremely bright. Yeah, this was a really lame one, but I had to try.
  • Third, I attempted a direct approach – “I’d really, really like one!” Once again, she called me on it.

The Reality of It All

Truth be told, I don’t need one. I want one. I don’t have any real reason other than it would be a pretty cool way to consume my ebooks, music and access the Web. I spend the vast majority of my time creating content. The iPad just wasn’t designed for this (no matter how much you might wish it was). So for me, an iPad would simply amount to a fun way to do a few of the things I love without having to pull out my laptop.

So here’s where we leave this topic:

  • Is it worth getting?
  • If so, how would you recommend that I talk Cassie into letting me get on?

2 thoughts on “I want an iPad

  1. I am with Cassie on this one! And if you wanted to talk her into it–how about making her NOT camp out on your Oregan road trip. Maybe you could compromise with a hotel for her, an ipad for you.

    Honestly I don’t think they are all they are hyped to be. Woman vs. Man perspective? It sounds like more work especially when downloading photos. What? No usb port? Lame.

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