Initial Impressions: BE DIFFERENT or be dead

BE DIFFERENT or be dead book coverI don’t know if this was how the book was intended to ship or not, but when my copy of Roy Osing’s book, “BE DIFFERENT or be dead,” arrived in my mailbox, the cover was on backwards. All I can say is nice touch (if this was really how it shipped)!

The book arrived on Wednesday and I’ve had my nose in it ever since. Unfortunately, I’ve been incredibly busy the last few days and have not made it too far into the book. However, I did want to share a few initial impressions.

It is dense. Roy is veteran marketer and CEO. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the game and he seems to share all of it in this book. That’s good and bad. Having recently finished Jason Fried’s book, “Rework,” a book that was short and to the point, “BE DIFFERENT” feels like a college text book. Don’t get me wrong on this point. The book looks like a real winner; it might just take a while to get through.

Great content. The first thing I did when I opened up my box from Amazon was thumb through the book’s table of contents. The book covers many key issues:

  • Why is it important to be different in today’s business world?
  • How do you develop a “different” business strategy?
  • How do you develop a “different” marketing plan?
  • Is there a difference between customer service and serving customers?
  • Should you take a different approach with your sales?

I love books on branding, marketing and general business strategy and since I work as a marketer in an industry that tends to be largely a commodities business, grocery, any insights I can find that we can use to BE DIFFERENT is always important. Roy’s book looks like a great find and I will keep you updated as I progress through it (I have two other books that I am also reading at the moment).


One thought on “Initial Impressions: BE DIFFERENT or be dead

  1. Thanks for spotting this book. I hadn’t heard of it and will have to check it out. Hope you will blog about it as you read more. -Nicole @OnSIP

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