Linchpin: Follow Up

Seth Godin's LinchpinIs it possible to become that person in your organization that is so indispensable that, no matter what you did or how badly you screwed up, no one would ever think of getting rid of you? Are you interested in being the difference maker, the innovator, the one people listen to? Seth Gogin’s latest book, Linchpin, offers you a vision of how to achieve this.

I reviewed Seth’s book last week. Let me cut to the chase. I love Seth’s work, but his earlier books are way better than this one. Linchpin had a ton of potential. My gut feeling is that if it were half the length, it would have been a much better book.

The funny thing about Seth is that for the last several weeks, his blog has done a much better job of outlining what we as leaders, employees, artists, etc. need to be doing in order to make a difference and positively affect the world.

I enjoyed reading Linchpin. I just wish Seth would have taken a minute to learn from Jason Fried’s amazing book, Rework. Rework is short, to the point, and incredibly insightful. Linchpin could have been as good of book.


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