Seth Godin’s New Book, Linchpin – Book Review

I have just come off a rather remarkable week – a week of many firsts, a long road trip to Montana, and some great consulting with two small businesses that are working hard to make a difference. To celebrate, I thought I would create my first ever video blog entry.

I finished reading Seth Godin’s new book, “Linchpin,” about five days ago and, now that I have had a few days to digest it, I thought I would share a few thoughts.

I’d love to hear your feedback about the video and/or review. I wanted to add a little variety to my blogging and, as of right now, I hope to add one video post each week. We’ll see how it goes.

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Seth Godin’s New Book, Linchpin – Book Review

  1. Hi Jason, like you, I am a big Seth fan. It may be true that his earlier books are seen as his better books, but I really admire Seth Godin. He’s actually speaking in NYC on April 20th along with Michael Eisner, Tom Peters, Anna Bernasek and Gary Vaynerchuk. Only 200 tickets are being sold, so it’s a pretty intimate affair with some of the most innovative minds in the business industry. It’s apart of the re-Set Business Forum (hosted by Harper Collins & Vanity Fair):

    Registration is here:

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