Rework Book Launch: A Great Example of Marketing that Matters

I will admit that I was pretty excited about the launch of “Rework,” the latest business book by Jason Fried and the 37Signals team. I learned about it several months ago and I kept a close eye on how they went about it.

Over the last several months, the team actually blogged about the book and the creative process they went through to put it together. They talked about the painful process of finding a good publisher, illustrating the book, and when the book was about done they launched an official website (first announcing the site on their blog). When the book actually launched, we first heard about it on their blog.

Things got even better in the last couple of weeks. As the publication date neared, 37Signals launched a series of videos on YouTube. Here are a couple of my favorites.

And they didn’t let up after the book launched. When they found their book ranked #2 right below Karl Rove’s new book, they made a satirical attack ad.

It is amazing to see how much the Internet has changed the whole game. The “Rework” launch is a great example of how a great company is taking marketing to a new level while building relevance among their customers. How might this look in your industry?

Bonus material: Check out this awesome interview with Jason Fried –


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