Old Spice Commercials: How to Improve the Campaign

Old Spice recently launched a couple of hilarious commercials in an attempt to raise awareness about their men’s body wash products. The commercials are definitely attention getters. But are they making a difference?

Take a look at the better of the two commercials:

This is a great commercial. It gets your attention for sure, but what could have been done to actually get the product into the hands of consumers in a way that would have made a difference?

  • Why not throw up a micro site where prospective customers can download a coupon or sign up for a free sample?
  • Could they have coordinated the advertisements with a great in-store execution piece to the campaign? I know this is old-school thinking but why not send coupons out to stores and tape them to the product?
  • Would it have been fun to invite your community to participate online by creating their own “old spice man” commercials? I’m guessing you would have received some hilarious entries.
  • Why not send out “old spice man” cardboard cutouts to locations and set up a fun POP opportunity?
  • Could you extend the fun by inviting customers into stores to get their pictures taken with the “old spice guy”?

We like to laugh and the commercials succeeded in doing this, but we need a good reason to switch to your product. Why not take the next step?


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