Drive, by Daniel Pink – A Few Additional Ideas

Yesterday, I posted a review of Dan Pink’s new book, “Drive.” Today, I wanted to follow up with a few additional thoughts and ideas regarding this important work. First, here is a wonderful video of Dan presenting his case for “Drive” at TED.

Read It!

Second, here’s a bit of advice about his book. If you are interested in finding more fulfillment from your life or career, I would advise you to buy this book today and read it. It’s not a tough read. Dan is talented writer and I think you will find his writing easy to follow. But take some time to really think about and understand what he is say and how it applies to your life, business and/or career. Really understand the implications of what he is proposing and how it could affect your future.

Share It

Third, once you’ve reached a good level of understanding, buy a couple copies of the book and share it with your friends, colleagues and, most importantly, your boss. Here’s some advice about sharing this book with your boss. For some business owners, Pink’s book will come as quite a shocker. For others, especially those in the creative fields, it might fit in with their current thinking. Regardless, it is worth making the effort.

What else to do?

Dan’s book is far more than a “get your career on the right path” type of book. It is a truly a manifesto for living a life filled with meaning and purpose. The book is set up in three succinct parts. First, he makes his case for moving to a new system of “motivation.” Second, he discusses the three critical elements that make up his motivation model, what he call “motivation 3.0.” Then, and this is where the book has so much potential, he explores what to do in a variety of fields, everything from your personal life to education, as well as what might happen in the business world.

My hope is that Dan is working on a follow up to this book. Believe me, there is definitely room for it. He could take the third section of his book and expand upon it in so many different ways. However, I guess what I would throw out to you is that maybe this is the true genius behind the book. Dan doesn’t throw out all the answers and perhaps he did this so that you, the reader, had room to think about how his ideas might fit into your life. I know this has been the effect it has had on me.

So the question I leave you with is simple – in what ways do you think autonomy, mastery and purpose play out in your life today and how might you reconfigure your life in order to maximize these three things in order to gain more satisfaction than ever?


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