Keep on learning

learn imageAs a former educator and devoted life-long learner, I am always happy to run into those people who, no matter their situation in life, keep trying new things or take major risks in order to learn things they didn’t necessarily have to do. Let me share a little bit about two such people.

There’s one of my newer buddies, Carl. He and I chat once in a while about his efforts to help his family business using the Web and social media. What’s cool about Carl is that he is doing this in an industry that hasn’t heartily embraced social media as of yet. Carl’s a rather creative guy and not one who is give up easily. I am sure he has a lot of people wondering why he is doing what he is doing and how it will benefit the business. Despite this, he pushes on. He’s learning as he goes and he isn’t afraid of making a mistake. This is what leadership and innovation is all about.

Another friend of mine, Steve, is in the process of reinventing his own personal brand and part of his efforts might just involve him setting up his first blog. Here’s an example of a great guy, who despite having an ultra busy schedule, four beautiful kids and an amazing wife, is working hard to learn new things and find ways to express his rather creative and brilliant side (no word on the blog address as of yet – I’ll keep you posted).

People like Carl and Steve are an inspiration to me. I know how busy life can be. Finding time to do things like playing in social media requires a serious commitment. These are the types of people that keep me going.

Here’s the bigger picture – I’ve recently read a couple of amazing books, “Drive” by Daniel Pink and “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. Both authors describe dramatic changes that are happening right now in organizations worldwide and in the workforce. We need leaders and team members who are not content with the “the same ol’ way things have been done.” We need people who are willing to try new things; who will stand up for the seemingly radical ideas; and who aren’t afraid of screwing up. The future is bright and the opportunities are ripe for the taking.


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