Effective Noise? (Old Spice Poll)

My wonderful friend Sarah sent me links to the latest Old Spice commercials and an interview with the campaign’s creators. You can watch all three below.

To watch the interview with the campaign’s creators, follow this link: http://www.kgw.com/thesquare/Im-on-a-horse-The-brains-behind-Old-Spices-latest-ad-84825922.html

There’s a great debate raging about these commercials. Are they more of the same advertising noise that so many consumers work like crazy to tune out and avoid or are they effective? Were they rushed? Will they get men to buy more Old Spice? Will their wives and girlfriends buy it for them?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please comment or take the poll below. From my perspective, they work well. They are funny and entertaining. And from the number of times friends, coworkers, and family have sent these links to me, I’d say they have definitely improved awareness about the brand.


One thought on “Effective Noise? (Old Spice Poll)

  1. Obviously, I love the commercials. They are different, funny and caught my attention. I would buy Steve the soap (I would have to smell it first) but intrigued enough to try.
    The link on Youtube has had something like 2 million hits, so I would say they are successful. But ultimately I guess it depends on if the product sells.

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