Walking the Talk: Bob Moore

bobs red mill logoI first heard about Bob Moore earlier this week on NPR. Then I recieved a link from my buddy, Steve, with an additional story that ran on “World News.” This is definitely a great story about a man who is both innovative and an amazing leader.

Long before Whole Foods and the “organic” revolution became mainstream, Bob understood the importance of healthy eating. So he did what any entrepreneur would do – he built a great company that fulfilled an unknown consumer need.

The company is called Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. It’s not a huge company by any means. They carry around 400 whole grain products and only employ 209 team members.

Here’s where the story gets really good. Bob has been running the business for years and he isn’t ready to quit, but he also wanted to ensure that his team’s future was rock solid. So what did he do? He gave the company to them. This is an amazing story and well worth a listen.

What is the lesson for entrepreneurs and marketers?

  1. Find you passion.
  2. Share it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be authentic.
  4. Leave a legacy.

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