HootSuite: A wonderful social media management tool

HootSuite IconFor the last five or six months, I have been using Tweetdeck to manage all of my social media content. I was quite happy with Tweetdeck’s tools, that is until I tried HootSuite.

HootSuite is very similar to Tweetdeck. Their GUIs are about the same and both of them offer users the ability to manage an assortment of social platforms. So why the switch?

1. Hootsuite allows you to schedule updates. I love this function. It is so easy and intuitive. The advantage to this is that you can post a link to your latest blog post and then schedule several additional updates to the same post at different times and/or days. Not everyone reads their social media at the same time.

2. I tried Tweetdeck for the iPhone several times and ended up going back to Tweetie every time. When I switched to HootSuite, I also downloaded their app. It is simple to use and its features are much more powerful than those that Tweetdeck are offering.

For ease of use, sleek GUI, powerful features and a user-friendly iPhone app, HootSuite gets my vote.


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