This is how things have always been done

“This is how things have always been done.”kitten fight

You should fight against these eight words with every ounce of your heart and soul. They are words of mediocrity. They are the words of people and organizations that will not survive in the future.

We often speak of being innovative and creative so we can compete in the future. Guess what?

The future is now.

There’s no longer another five or ten years. Industries are shifting. Your competitors are becoming more creative and innovative. Your customers are smarter than ever. Your margin for error is now smaller than it has ever been. If you are working in an industry that has become commoditized, now is the time to do something to radically differentiate yourself and your business.

Another interesting variation of this phase: “It is what it is.” Why? Because you didn’t listen? Because you failed to change? Because you weren’t proactive?

We live in an exciting time. No matter what is going on around you, this is the time to be differentiating, investing, creating and innovating. It’s time to break the rules and live your passions.

If you are looking for some inspiration, there’s no better place to look than TED. Check out their website and dive into the wealth of ideas that are available in their video library. Another great source for ideas is the SXSW conference.



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