Mine’s bigger than yours!

“Ohhhh, I think mine’s bigger than yours.”

“No it isn’t! They’re the same size.”

“Uh, no. Mine is bigger.”

And so the conversation went as we pulled out of our local Iceberg drive thru, mini-sized shakes in hand and grins on both of our faces. We were being bad and indulging a bit.

When you want a shake, I mean a serious shake, you head to Iceberg.

The Iceburg is a small fast food restaurant, about the size of most McDonald’s restaurants. They serve the regular stuff you’d expect from a fast food restaurant – burgers, fries, hot dogs, onion rings, etc. But most people don’t go there for the food; they go there for the shakes.

Here’s the remarkable thing about this restaurant. They do a little advertising, but the typical person learns about the magical shake maker from their friends or family. But why the fuss? The picture to the right is of one of their “mini” shakes. I have no idea how much ice cream is in there. It’s a lot. The cups are overflowing with it. When you ask for extras, like heath bar or snickers, they come jam packed.

The Iceburg has found a way to be remarkable and stand out in a way that none of its competitors are doing. The service is friendly, the food is good and the shakes are far superior to any other shake around. And when you think about it, its a rather simple thing. For the Iceburg, it is about one product.

What are you doing to be different?

What products or services do you offer that none of your competitors can match?

What are you doing to get your customers talking about you to their friends and family?


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