Smile and say hi: It matters

drive thru photoThis morning, I had a choice between stopping at my favorite local coffee shop, Bean & Brews, or McDonalds. On average, a cup of coffee at Beans & Brews costs me about four times the amount I pay at McDonalds. The service at Beans is great – they always smile and talk to me. The young ladies that work the counter love to chat with the customers and they always give my dog a milkbone when I take him with me through the drive up. McDonalds is McDonalds – they are quick, easy and convenient. They get the job done.

I often frequent both places for different reasons. When I am headed to work and in a hurry, I hit McDonalds; if I want to treat myself and have a little more time, I go to Beans.

Which one did I choose this morning?

There was a hitch the last time I stopped at McDonalds. The guy at the window never acknowledged that Cassie and I were even there. He spent the entire time talking to a female coworker. When it came time to give us our drinks, he quickly turned, handed them to us as he continued talking to her, and then turned back and closed the window to continue talking. In the process, he forgot to give us a straw for Cassie’s Diet Coke. We knocked on the drive up window and the female coworker finally had to come to the window and take care of us.

So when it came time to stop for coffee this morning, I chose to go to my favorite place, where the coffee is a lot more expensive and I am always greeted with a smile.

How many of your customers chose a competitor over you because they weren’t treated well? How many of them never come back because of one mistake? How could you get them back?


4 thoughts on “Smile and say hi: It matters

  1. When are you going to try Diva’s. I think you will more than love it! They just added wine to the menu, but don’t ask how I know that…..

  2. Is that the cupcake place? Where is it? That might be a fun place for Cassie and I to stop today while we are out on our whirlwind tour of the valley.

  3. Probably answering your question too late. It is on 3300 S. and about 1500 E, on the S. side of the street. They have yummy sandwiches too.
    I saw a billboard that Seth Godin was in town. Did ya go?

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