Vook: My experience so far

crush itLast week I learned that Seth Godin had licensed the right to Vook to publish one of his books. So I had to check out this whole Vook thing for myself.

I have been wanting to read “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk for a while now and when I discovered that Vook was offering it as a $6 iPhone app, I jumped on the offer.

First, Gary’s book is great. I am about three chapters into it and I cannot put it down (by the way, Gary’s blog is a blast as well).

Second, the integration of video and the text is absolutely amazing. Each chapter kicks off with a relevant video interview of Gary or footage of him showing how he has accomplished his many goals.

As someone that has always dreamed of writing a book, I am salivating at the many new possibilities that a Vook offers to authors. But the technology has its issues.

First, the vook does not allow you to bookmark or add comments to the book as you read. This is a major concern for those of us that like to reference the books we read or try to keep notes for future use. This is a big, big problem.

Second, if you stop reading in the middle of a chapter and leave the application, you have to start back at the start up/contents screen. This sucks! Gary did a great job when he wrote his book. He understands how to chop up his book into digestible sections. He uses a bunch of smaller sections within each chapter. Unfortunately, the Vook doesn’t allow you to stop reading and pick up where you left off. Like the first issue, this one is a deal breaker for me.

The other issue that I’ve run into is that the Vook I am reading/viewing does not take advantage of the iPhone’s ability to switch between the horizontal and vertical views. The text can only be read in the horizontal view and the videos only show in horizontal mode.

I have a Kindle and much prefer how it has been designed for people who read, take notes, scribble in their books, etc. For now, I’ll stick with my Kindle; however, if I decide to upgrade to the Apple iPad and Vook figures out these issue, I might be tempted to try them out again (especially if Seth ends up publishing his own Vook with them).


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