Rebranding a 70 year old company

The company I work for is currently delving into some issues related to our brand. It’s a very exciting conversation that we are embarking on and I can’t wait to see what the results might be. A few thoughts came to mind as I’ve been thinking about this issue.

Great brands are not about logos, colors, fonts, etc. Sure, consistency in your corporate identity efforts is important and every business should develop some form of corporate style guide. However, in our hyper-connected world, brand is much more about the people working inside the building than about the corporate logo.

Today’s best brands are being built from the bottom up. As strange as it might sound, culture, happiness, trust, and providing purpose are factors that vastly outweigh the importance of a logo. The process of building a brand must extend far below the executive level. 21st century branding is an organic process – one that requires engagement from the bottom up, trust building and an openness to transparency from everyone involved.

It’s also important to understand that branding is an ongoing process. What is started today will require lifetimes of commitment and tweaking. A brand must be treated as if it is a living breathing thing. Allow it to evolve. Nurture it.

Here’s my one caution – don’t take charge and strangle the brand. That will only lead to a lack of trust, creativity and innovation.


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