Disney and Verizon: A rather interesting partnership

I will admit it upfront – I am not a big fan of Disney’s theme parks. Give me a backpack, a trail and and good pair of hiking boots and I am more than happy. However, I work with a whole bunch of people that love Disney and this morning, I ran into something that my Disney-loving co-workers will love – the official Disney app available exclusively on Verizon.

Disney app screen shot

The app does a whole bunch of stuff, everything from letting you know which rides are operating and what the wait times are to helping you find out where the various characters are in the park.

Disney app - character greetings

I’ve been knocking Verizon and AT&T’s mobile phone war for a while now. Neither company seemed to be doing anything to connect with their customers other than say they are better than the other. This last week, we’ve seen both companies drop some of their monthly rates. That was a good step. But I have to say that the Disney app is exactly the type of move that both of these companies should be looking at instead of wasting tons of money on expensive advertising.

Kudos to Verizon and Disney for providing their customers with a tool they actually might want and need. This is the type of marketing that will build long-term loyalty.


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