Loyalty Requires Trust

Dog Photo - LoyaltyIf you are attempting to increase the loyalty between you and your employees or customers you are going to have to take a major leap of faith and trust them. I know is can be very difficult. I have worked in retail before and trusting people isn’t your first instinct. You have to vigalent, always watching for shoplifters or someone who is attempting to scam you. However, until you trust people and believe in their best intentions, they will never be loyal to you. Let me share two great examples of this.

Netflix understands trust.

I am Netflix member. I love the service and intend on using it for as long as they are around. For those of you that are not familiar with the service, here’s what they do.

You sign up on their website, pay a small monthly fee, build a list of movies you want to watch, and they ship them to you (1-3 at a time depending on which plan you signed up for). You watch the DVDs at your convenience and ship them back when you are done with them. When Netflix receives the DVDs, they send you the next movies on your list. It’s a slick service, one that I would highly recommend.

Here’s the problem. DVDs can get lost. Netflix handles this in a trusting way. They allow you the user to contact them on their site and indicate when the video was sent back. They record this and then begin sending your movies again. I had this happen to me not long ago while in the middle moving into a new home. I had a movie that I thought I had sent back. So I reported it as lost. No biggie. Recently, while cleaning up our Christmas decorations, I discovered the lost DVD. It had been some how been shoved in a bag that we had not unpacked.netflix logo

I sent it back with my recent Netflix movies. No questions asked. No issues with late fees. Nothing. Netflix trusts its users and I will be using them for a long time to come. On a side note, their movie-streaming service is great and I hope they continue to expand their selections.

The Morning Glories understand trust.

My mother-in-law recently joined a bowling league. They are very serious bunch of bowlers. One problem – she and her husband are going on a little trip this next weekend and she will miss her bowling sessions. Here’s where the trust comes in. Her scores matter to the team’s overall record for the season. So she has to make up the game, but she can do so when it is convenient for her. She can visit any bowling alley, at any time and bowl. Then she just has to share the score with her team.

Whether in our personal or business lives, if we want to build trusting relationships, we have to start the process by trusting others. How do you show trust in your employees or team members? In what ways do you show trust in your customers? Do you penalize them when they make a mistake or do you find ways to alleviate the pain and stress?


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