Nokia: if you can’t beat ’em, sue them

nokia vs. appleEarlier this week there were a variety of posts about how Nokia is filing all kinds of injunctions against Apple to prevent them from importing anything that is remotely tied to the mobile phone business, including everything from the iPhone and iPods to the MacBook (read more). This seems to be the norm in the tech world these days. However, I have to ask, instead of wasting a bunch of money on lawyers and lawsuits, wouldn’t Nokia be better served by actually trying to take on Apple by creating superior products and services?

We’ve seen this same scenario playing out between Verizon and AT&T as of late. Both companies were suing one another and launching a barrage of expensive television commercials discussing their competitor’s problems, while neither company did much to actually make a difference in their customers’ lives.

So here’s the deal Nokia. Instead of copying the iPhone like every other company has done, why not pull your talented research and marketing team together and actually listen to what mobile phone users want. There are opportunities to create better products. I am a loyal fan of Apple and the iPhone; however, I will also admit that neither the company or phone is perfect.

It’s easy to sue. It’s also expensive, but hey, you can pass those costs on to your consumers. Resentment will build, as will a complete lack of loyalty. What we really want is great products and service, but this is a lot to ask for – it’s where the hard work is required.


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