Blogging: It’s Hard Work

wordpress logoIf you have taken on the challenge of writing your own blog, you have probably also discovered that if you want to build an actual audience for your blog it is a lot of hard work. Whether you are maintaining tidbits about your family, like my friend Sarah (, or are trying to drive business for your small business,  you will find that it will take a lot of work, lots of mistakes, and lots of time before you start building any kind of audience.

As for myself, I made a small New Year’s resolution with myself to focus a bit more time on my blog. There are two major goals that I have. First, I would like to blog more often (2-3 times per week). Second, I would love to improve the overall quality of the writing. Both of the commitments require me to devote more time.

There’s no secret formula to blogging success. I’ve watch this play out dozens of times on Twitter and Facebook. Businesses try to engage a community by “selling,” offering deals, coupons, etc. But they never contribute any meaningful content that is significant to the larger community. Before long, everyone stops listening and leaves the “community.” Hey, no one said this would be easy and social media is no different. There’s not magic bullet, no “secret” program to build instance success. It take time, hard work, and patience.

Here are some great tips from ProBlogger to help you get a jump on your blogging resolutions: 52 Blog Tips to Kick Start Your Blog in 2010.


3 thoughts on “Blogging: It’s Hard Work

  1. Ok. You want to blog two or three times a week. You have an awesome goal, if you want to keep your goal small.
    If you ever need inspiration, or the challenge to write more, visit any of the five daily blogs I write.
    Like you, I started posting several times a month, and some months I didn’t post at all. And then last March, I made a 100-day challenge. The rest is history. :) or are good places to start. Five. Every single day. Seriously.
    Best wishes for your greatest year ever. You can do it. But only if you really want it.

  2. I am honored that I made your blog! I wish I had more to write about than tidbits on my family, but just the nature of my life at this moment.

    Did I tell you I applied for a local writing job? Highly unlikely that I will get it, but I had to try-right? They only would let you enter one sample from your blog. I choose the JSDistrict post. Hope the employer does not live out South, particularly in that District. Then my slim chances went to zilch.

    p.s. I like reading your blog. especially when you have “sexy” reebox videos!

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