Book Review: The Next Evolution of Marketing, by Bob Gilbreath

The Next Evolution of MarketingIf you are looking for a way to better connect with your customers, make sure you read “The Next Evolution of Marketing” by Bob Gilbreath.

Gilbreath has an extensive marketing background and has worked with a variety of companies on both the corporate and agency sides. He has been involved in major product development and launches. He is now Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge Worldwide, one of the nation’s largest digital advertising agencies and was recognized by Advertising Age as one of the Top 50 Marketers of 2004.

In “The Next Evolution of Marketing”, Gilbreath lays out a simple marketing strategy to help brands connect on an emotional level by delivering marketing that is meaningful (relevant to their lives, personal needs, and aspirational goals). I say “simple” in that the concept is rather simple. Actually delivering is a major challenge and strategic shift for most companies.

Gilbreath describes the situation at hand – customers just are listening to us they way they once did. In fact, in many instances, they are going out of their way to not listen. From DVRs to software programs, the public is actively looking for ways to close their doors to the marketers of the world.

He then lays out his approach to marketing with meaning. Interestingly enough, he introduces his own version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as the backbone. If you’ve read Peak, by Chip Conley (another book we highly recommend), Gilbreath’s pyramid will make a ton of sense. In fact, from a marketing perspective, Gilbreath does a fantastic job of simplifying the pyramid into three basic levels from which any product or service can then be marketed.

But Gilbreath goes one step further with his book. Where most books leave off and simply give us a great idea and a few examples, he actually lays out the steps we as markers should take to get our organizations to embrace the principles described in “marketing with meaning.”

Who should read this book? Anyone who owns their own business or who is involved in marketing in today’s ultra competitive environment.

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