Comcast – round 3 or 4 or 5…sorry, lost count

Today was the day that I was hoping to get Comcast High-Speed Internet installed at my new home – or at least that what I thought was supposed to happen. Earlier this week I broke down and ordered Internet from Comcast via the Internet. It was a pretty slick process and I even got to pick my install date. I choose today between 8 a.m. and noon. No one bothered to show so I entered their chat room and attempted to solve the problem. The technician I chatted with didn’t do much other than tell me that I have the wrong date and if I want to fix things I need to call 1-800-Comcast to make changes. So I called.

Unfortunately, when I finally got through, I got the same run around. Their technician must have entered the date incorrectly, but we can’t help you other than by moving the date another week away. Now this is prime time customer service.

So here’s the question – I want to be a customer; how valuable is my business to Comcast??? All I want is internet service. It would take their techs five minutes to install. I’ll even hook up the damn modem for them.

I’ve seen all of their claims about having great customer service. Sure, everyone you talk to at Comcast is nice, but they don’t seem to be empowered to actually help the customer. Their chat technician told me he couldn’t help and to call 1-800-comcast. The person on the phone told me that she can only reschedule my appointment. Who is person who can actually call me and say, “Sorry for the mix up. We’ll have a technician out today”?

I struggled with choosing Comcast. When I first moved into my new home, I called them up for cable service and had to take time to meet their technicians at my home twice only to be told that they couldn’t hook up the service that day. Their crews still had not come out to run the line from the cable box to my house. This is the third time I’ve taken time out of my day to be here and get their service.

So Comcast, are you listening??? Are you truly committed to taking a bad customer service experience and turning into a good one?


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