Al Gore’s “Our Choice”

Al Gore's "Our Choice"

Hi Al. You’ll probably won’t ever read this; however, I wanted to ask you something. I’ve read all of your other books and was excited to see you on the Daily Show where you were premiering your new book, “Our Choice.” I was so interested in the new book that I ran over to my Kindle to download and start reading your book. But it isn’t available on Kindle. Bad move Al.

You’re out there telling everyone to be green which is part of the reason I purchased my Kindle – save a tree, no more paper. And your book about being green and saving the planet can only be purchased as a paper book (or audio CD). For a guy that “invented the Internet” you sure seem behind the times. Let me know when “Our Choice” is really a choice (and available on the Kindle). I’ll pick it up then.


One thought on “Al Gore’s “Our Choice”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I too ran to my Kindle to download it and nothing.

    I can’t understand why a “green” book is not an e-book.

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