Dear Comcast, Thanks but…

Dear Comcast,

Thanks for replying to my tweet and even the phone call. That was pretty cool of you. But there must hve been a miscommunication.

You see, when I posted the tweet, I specifically said that I all I wanted was high-speed internet service at a fair price – no outlandish fees, no bundling, and none of the 6-month reduced rate gimmicks. However, the guy that called me knew none of this, quoted me a rediculous price, and then asked if I wanted to bundle or take advantage of the latest deals.

I was impressed that your effort and follow through, but in the end all I got was the same ol’ sales pitch. It doesn’t have to be this way. So here’s the deal, I’ll offer you $40 a month. That’s it. No deals, no bundles, no hidden service fees. I’d think my $40 a month and a happy customer is better than nothing. What do you think?



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