The Magic Number Seven and Best Buy

I had to buy a new refrigerator last night and spent a decent amount of money doing so. I purchased it from Best Buy. I got a great deal and the in-store experience went well. The salesman was a little cheesy, but he worked hard to make me happy and I walked away feeling good. 24-hours later, the experience suddenly changed.

Tonight, I had to call and change my delivery date. I called the store that I made the purchase from – the response, “we can’t help you, call this number.” So I called that number – “we can’t do that, you’ll need to call…” The magic number was seven – seven transfers in order to take care of a simple task. That’s about six transfers too many (especially when you call the “delivery help” phone number that is printed on the receipt.

So here’s my challenge to Best Buy – how do you make this right? Are you willing to take this bad service experience and do something to make me happy? How important is my future business to you? How much value do you place on my potential positive or negative word of mouth?


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